StoryThreads has started in mid-2018.

Our unique talent is to develop brand-building campaigns that exploit opportunities ignored by your competitors.

That means you’ll get the airtime at a much lower cost and really make an impression.

Jamie Smith

Strategic Marketing & Communications Specialist

Jamie Smith has had a career in business spanning over twenty years. In that time he’s worked for almost every kind of organisation, from high-tech SMEs and multinational retailers through to Government and NGOs. It that breadth of experience combined with a lust for learning that has enabled Jamie to become an astute strategist.

However, Jamie’s passion is building businesses and strategy is just one of his many talents. He’s a whirlwind of creativity and has a 100% success rate in delivering communication strategies across all marketing channels.

Juliet Hounam Journalist

Juliet Hounam

Journalist & Videographer

Juliet Hounam is a time-served Journalist with over ten years experience producing video for organisations like the Express and Star, the UK’s largest regional newspaper. As part of the digital team, Juliet has interviewed almost all prominent figures in the UK over her tenure, from Prince Andrew through to the last three Prime Ministers, she’s met the Chuckle Brothers and was even guarded by Tito Jackson during a random attack.

Juliet not only brings a keen ear to identifying the core of a story, but also she has an eye for video making like no-one else we’ve seen. That’s partly to do with her no holds barred approach to getting the shot, which means she’ll do what it takes to get the best out of a project.

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