Taking on a new agency involves a leap of faith; no matter how well they present themselves it all comes down to how well they treat their clients.

At StoryThreads we believe in partnerships, good business starts and ends with respect.

Why Settle For Anything Else?

These guys will change what you thought marketing agency could do for your business.

StoryThreads are a team of highly creative individuls with a business acument formed from a genuine interest for the world around them.

We believe in them so much we hired them as a permanent outsourced marketing team. Alongside being a core strategic alliance they offer a range of skills including: videography, photography, digital design and much more.

David Gregg, Albert’s Shed

Rad Copywriting!

Over the past year and a half these guys have totally nailed the content, telling stories that really got down into the technical details but without alienating the general reader. It’s hard to find copywriters like these.

Alex Auxier, Orange Amplifiers

They See Things Most Don’t

These guys must have some sort of worm tunnel vision that lets them see into the minds of others with pinpoint accuracy because I can’t explain the phenomenon in any other way.

Alex Byles, Control Techniques

No Fuss Marketing!

We’re a busy company and just wanted someone to come in and build us a portfolio website without any hassle. StoryThreads came in and did the job, quickly and accurately.

Robert Metcalf, AllMet Engineering Ltd

Impossible To Go Wrong

StoryThreads might be based in Shrewsbury but it’s clear why their reach goes well beyond the county of Shropshire. First-class website design with a keen understanding of digital marketing. What you get is creative marketing agency flair but without the pomp.

Peter Hounam, Author & Prominent Journalist

The Most Hardworking Agency We’ve Known

A refreshing change from the traditional marketing agency.

We’ve been working with StoryThreads since 2018 and over that time they’ve rejuvenated our digital marketing program, especially in the areas of Search Engine Optimisation and improving the user journey.

The impact that has had for us is a 45% increase in traffic to our site (10k extra users per annum), sales have increased respectively and more people know about us. What’s not to like?