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Ask an SEO Expert – Your SEO Questions, Answered2022-06-21T16:19:16+00:00


Ask an SEO expert taps into the passion of freelance SEO experts and gives the answer to your burning SEO questions.

What is Off Page and On Page SEO?2021-05-06T16:05:04+00:00

Off page SEO is about developing domain authority through link building strategies. The key consideration here is to earn links from reputable sites by creating unique, engaging content. This is called earned media. On page SEO is all about improving the user experience through site architecture, crafting compelling content, technical SEO such as site speed and removing errors, along with building sites that convert.

How to Improve SEO2021-05-06T15:17:07+00:00

Answering the question ‘how to improve SEO’ starts with getting your house in order. Examples of good improvements include site speed, removing errors, making it easy to navigate and providing compelling content that keeps a user on-site for longer.

The best way to approach SEO improvement is to act as one of your customers. Ask some friends to do the same. Did they have a good experience? What did they think worked well? What did they think was bad? You now have a good idea of where to start.

You might think ‘this doesn’t sound like the Search Engine Optimisation I’ve read about’. That’s because there are lots of SEO techniques out there, but what is the point of having 1000’s of new visitors to your site when they all leave. That’s a tell for Google and other search engines to say, ‘hey, this site isn’t providing the user experience we want to have at the top of the SERPs’.

If your website has great user experience and you’re getting lots of sales or enquiries then you’re doing something right.

So if all the technical SEO factors are in order, it’s time to think about off-page and on-page SEO. The latter is about making sure that you have a sound web page hierarchy. You might have a popular site already so you can see which pages convert and which don’t do so well. Hopefully, the right pages are being visited. If not, it’s likely that your internal linking structure needs some work.

Another factor is making sure you have all your keywords covered for a particular subject matter. High-quality content covers all the bases without being spammy or convoluted. These again are user experience factors. Images and video also help to explain more difficult concepts. Again, aiding website usability. The key to on-page content is making the user feel satisfied with the page they visit.

Off-Page SEO is far more difficult and you should never cut corners. Spammy links really do hurt your website, and there are a lot of factors that contribute to spam links. So here’s a simple way to avoid them. Aim for high value, credible sources that link to your site. It seems like a mountain to climb, but the payoff from one high-value link is worth ten lower value links.

How Do I Get to Number One on Google Nationally?2021-05-06T15:14:23+00:00

Achieving number one on Google is no small feat. It takes months of work to get your website in fighting shape, from improving site speed, optimising for keywords, ensuring enough high-quality backlinks are pointing at your domain and ensuring that traffic is already flowing. It’s a slog, but we can make it happen.


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