What is StoryThreads?

We're a no-nonsense marketing agency.

A committed team and friendly team of marketing professionals with a passion for creating campaigns and content that has meaning. We bring to life the humanistic aspects of your business, building trust and loyalty through honest communication.

It's the stuff that people crave, value and share.

Who we are

Jamie Smith - StoryThreads

J Jamie Smith

Managing Director

At StoryThreads our emphasis is on understanding your customers using digital marketing analytics along with simple ‘nose to the ground’ journalistic research to create powerful and emotive content that makes people think, feel or act.

StoryThreads approach begins by listening; that begins with understanding you and your business. That’s followed by a data analysis phase which gives us a good indication of behaviour but not necessarily the why. We use investigative research to do the rest.

We’ll then weave what we’ve learned into a storytelling plan, choosing messages that evoke emotional and rational responses, then we’ll pick the best ways to spread your message and decide how we measure success.

Employ the power of storytelling

Compelling messages convert.

But don’t just take our word for it.