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Is content marketing still king?

The Content Marketing Institute report that businesses spend on average 40% of their marketing budget on content.

Success relies on knowing your audience and making an impact. We produce compelling web copy, engaging video, and immersive apps to keep you a cut above the rest. We show off your best side; creating on-brand, authentic content that guides and informs, inspires and that helps more people find you.

Why content marketing matters?

Content Marketing might sound like the new kid on the block but it’s something that marketers and salespeople have been doing for years, just under a different guise: Storytelling.

Content in the traditional marketing mix would form part of the overall strategy, delivered across all channels. The crux of the storytelling ultimately leading to the hook that closes the deal.

But the hard sell has lost some favour. Mistrust in brands means a longer time is spent identifying where to make a purchase, even for day to day items.

Thanks to digital marketing reaching out is a relatively low cost, meaning more opportunity to develop brand awareness. Once seen as a ‘nice to do’ exercise, brand awareness is now mission-critical even for SMEs. Increased positive exposure to a brand builds trust eventually leading to new customers.

“Incredibly inventive, creative and professional with forward-thinking marketing strategies that will guarantee to put your business on the map!”

– Katie Romney, Inspired in Spirit

How content marketing earns credibility

Credibility doesn’t come for free though, it’s earned.

Experts in crafting compelling content, StoryThreads build on your brand’s identity, promoting a true representation of your business. We take the very essence of what your brand is about, along with your target audience’s online behaviour, stitching together content that tells your story in the best light.

The output of content creation depends on the goal and can come in many forms. Examples include infographics to online guides, video storytelling, and apps that merge the real world with the digital realm.

StoryThreads are one of Shropshire’s most trusted content marketing agencies. Our feet are firmly on the ground; we’re strategic-focused on how we can best achieve your goals within budget.

So what goals can content marketing help you reach?

Our content marketing services

Developing a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content in order to attract and engage an audience.

A timely series of content marketing releases that focuses on a single goal, often developed around a lager marketing strategy.

Building trust and credibility through penmanship.

Consumers are more likely to engage with videos on social media than any other creative output. Our video production team have decades of experience in journalism and get straight to the heart of what matters to your audience.

An online content marketing strategy used by businesses to increase awareness or drive action. We have many years of experience working as journalists before we started StoryThreads and understand how to work with news organisations to get the most out of the relationship.

Content creation is often overlooked, with many companies choosing to regurgitate the same content they find on page one of Google. Our content marketing strategy is to work with experts to create correct, compelling content that builds trust and credibility.

“StoryThreads grasp a solid understanding of your marketing objectives and is able to create high-quality content to promote your organisation across varied channels. Great people to work with.”

– Alex Byles, Control Techniques

Data-driven digital marketing strategies

At StoryThreads, turning that data into insight is our specialism, we have a sixth sense and a lot of technical expertise on hand. That’s not to say that we know it all. You know your business and customers better than anyone else, so we’ll include all that within our primary research. If we still feel there are gaps in the plan then we can develop tools hone your digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the questions we’ll be looking at while developing your strategy:

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0330 133 4313
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Understand your customers

No business can operate effectively without being able to measure success. What does success look like to you and how can you measure performance and prove ROI (Return on Investment)?.

Build brand awareness

Who are your target audience? What motivates them? How do they spend their time online and how can we use what we learn to craft your brand positioning and target the most effective channels?

Turn customers into advocates

What’s going on in the world that may impact your digital marketing strategy? How can you use turbulence or stir up the market to make competitive gains?

Who are your direct and indirect competitors? What threats do they pose and how can you leverage your digital marketing strategy to get ahead of the race?

Increase the quality of website traffic

What digital marketing channels are best suited for your audience and your brand position? What is feasible within your budget range to enable you to meet your goals/KPIs? How does the customer journey relate to your channels and what ways can you improve them to lead to more conversions?

Show better results on search engines

What approach to content aligns with your brand positioning? Do you have in-house content creators or would you need to outsource? What is the minimum viable output of content needed to deliver your strategy? How can we leverage your content to achieve the long-tail effect across paid for, earned, and owned media?

Digital Marketing in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

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What you get from StoryThreads is an agency run by qualified marketers. We’ve spent most who’ve spent most of our working lives outside of agencies. That means we have a wealth of knowledge in most sectors including manufacturing, technology, retail, hospitality, charity, and Government. To discuss your project you can fill in the request form below or simply give us a call: 0330 133 4313

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