Project Description

Albert’s Shed

Digital strategy within one of the fastest-growing entertainment venues in the UK

Developing a balanced range of marketing channels removes risk and increases reach

While Albert’s Shed team were able to manage the day to day social media channels, we discussed the risk of being too dependent on third party channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This hunch has been proven to be correct, especially within a younger demographic who are more active on other social channels. Many others have abandoned social media altogether.

In under two years, we’d grown the site to 70,000 visitors per year through organic SEO and a contact database of over 8,000 music fans, while still maintaining the 40,000 strong Facebook following.

“Our approach is not to use one channel as a lynchpin, but instead, we leveraged all relevant channels to build something bigger than the sum of its parts.”

– Jamie Smith, MD at StoryThreads.

Music Venue Marketing UK
Music Venue Marketing UK

What we did

Recognising the wealth of creativity and market understanding within our agency, Albert’s Shed placed StoryThreads on an agency retainer to deliver all marketing elements to the business.

Albert’s Shed story differs from most of our clients because we are integral to helping support and develop their business strategy. Marketing and Operations become one unit, which is how we think all businesses should be designed. It means that communication is clear and the delivery of strategic marketing objectives can be supported by the whole team.

In addition to creating digital marketing deliverables, StoryThreads also manage traditional marketing tools such as outdoor advertising and print, blurring the lines between real life and the digital realm.

Music Venue Marketing UK

“A highly creative digital marketing agency with business acumen formed from a genuine interest for the world around them.”

– David Gregg, Albert’s Shed

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What you get from StoryThreads is an agency run by qualified marketers. We’ve spent most who’ve spent most of our working lives outside of agencies. That means we have a wealth of knowledge in most sectors including manufacturing, technology, retail, hospitality, charity, and Government. To discuss your project you can fill in the request form below or simply give us a call: 0330 133 4313

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