Orange Amplifiers were in the need of finding savvy copywriters who could find new and creative ways of telling their brand story, producing specific posts in line with their campaign, ‘The Voice of Orange’.


Musical Equipment




With technical knowledge of electronic equipment, and a solid understanding of the music industry along with copywriting know-how, StoryThreads proved to be the ideal candidate for the role.

What StoryThreads did was change the technical language, making it easier for less tech-savvy people to understand the features and benefits of Orange Amplifiers.

Secondly, we concentrated on reinforcing the brand message; history and heritage which spans half a century. Telling the Orange story through the history of music gave colour to their unique sound. In the back of our minds was always Orange Amplifiers tone of voice, tongue in cheek but with a genuine passion for what they did. We illustrated their forward-thinking attitude by celebrating the business as one that listens and takes action.

Orange Amplifiers

StoryThreads maintains its relationship with Orange Amplifiers to date. A testament to how business should be conducted, truly understanding the roots of a business provides an abundance of fruit for everyone to enjoy.

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