Project Description

Orange Amplifiers


Orange Amplifiers are one of the most sought after amplifier manufacturers in the world.

Their prestige is 50 years in the making; from their humble beginning in amp repair to being the go-to amp maker for touring artists. StoryThreads and Orange Amps partnership came from a need to keep their brand positioning on track; opening up to less tech savvy musicians but without sounding condescending to their die hard customers.

What’s the big idea?

“Orange Amps have a fun attitude in their comms. Keeping that tone of voice, even when writing about the technical stuff, means that they’re communicating on everyone’s level”

Jamie Smith, MD, StoryThreads

Project summary

Even with an enviable reputation, time takes its toll every business. What was once in fashion can soon become yesterday’s news and this is the lesson Orange Amplifiers learned the hard way. Knowing too well the risks, Orange approached StoryThreads to help develop their brand positioning.

In the 1980s Orange stuck to what they were great at, making top-spec valve amps. But global corporations had different ideas and heavily invested in new solid-state technology. Back then that new technology sounded pretty terrible but nevertheless, the marketing machine rumbled into action. Orange Amplifiers couldn’t compete.

It took over a decade and the support of Manchester’s Oasis to switch the lights back on at Orange Amplifiers. Since then they’ve become synonymous with what’s known as the ‘British Sound’.

Fast forward, 20 years and Orange’s marketing team have smashed the million follower mark on social media, yet there’s threat looming. Digital amplifiers are transforming the market, shaking the very foundations that Orange are built upon.

“Rad copywriting from one of the most flexible, creative marketing agencies we’ve had the pleasure to work with”

Alex Auxier, Orange Amplifiers

What we did

Expanding content to widen Orange’s appeal to a bigger market while emphasising why they’re the go-to amp maker for touring musicians and hobbyists alike.

StoryThreads were asked to create content throughout the ‘Sound of Orange’ campaign.

We quickly identified that because of market forces, equipment manufacturers like Orange will see a drop in sales over the next few years. They serve a niche category in a market that’s in transition. Survival requires reaching out into existing mass markets with a twist on their brand positioning.

The great thing was, Orange already have a diverse product range, an innovative design team and the respect from leading musicians. It was a matter of perception.

Through research we noticed that much of Orange’s technical content was difficult to digest. Our approach was to break down the science of Orange Amps into manageable chunks but with enough detail to satisfy their biggest superfans.

The key to great content though is not to directly sell a product, it’s about building credibility. And when you have a rich heritage like Orange Amplifiers that’s not hard to do. So we set about bringing the history of sound to life, taking the reader on a journey to discover where they and Orange are a perfect match.

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StoryThreads produced 12 pieces of SEO optimised positioning content throughout the campaign. We continue to work with Orange Amplifiers as an outsourced agency.

Throughout the campaign StoryThreads content achieved the highest level of engagement in terms of time spend on page and reduced the page bounces percentage than any other post created by Orange over campaign period. The content also achieved significantly higher reach, shares and click-throughs than the average.

In addition, our SEO optimised content gave Orange greater reach in terms of increased search visibility for keywords which they should have been ranking for, but hadn’t.

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