Are you looking for a web developer in Shrewsbury? You may have noticed there are many Shrewsbury web developers out there, so how do you choose the right one? The first thing you need to consider is what kind of website you want to build. Are you building a Shrewsbury eCommerce website? A site to profile your business or are you looking at building a more complex website such as a corporate website. Let’s take a look at the things to consider when hiring a Shrewsbury web developer.

Technological requirements

For most people, a WordPress web developer is the go-to choice. We’ve built websites throughout Shrewsbury, Shropshire and beyond for small and large companies. WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. It’s easy to learn how to edit and so once your site is up, you’re good to go. But it’s not always that simple.

Larger companies require backend technology that involves complex databases, scripts and APIs. Hiring an expert in this field is imperative in the long run. At StoryThreads, our core focus is user experience, SEO and converting visitors into customers. We work side-by-side with a partner agency for complex projects. We prefer that we keep our focus on what matters to us, pure digital marketing.

Design requirements

This is the look and feel of your website. These days there’s certainly a performance issue to fight with for website design. Many Shrewsbury web designers have designed with those standards in mind, and things are changing. Mobile is becoming the prominent focus for search engines like Google. So being on top of the latest web design standards is really important if you want the best experience for your customers. What’s more, if you’re benefitting from SEO, a heavy website design is no longer in vogue. The best bet is to ensure your site is designed for all devices and loads quickly off WiFi.

Business requirements

Our Shrewsbury web design team are all professional marketers and journalists. We know businesses better than most, it’s our USP. That means we build websites to sell, educate or profile your business. We’re big on usability and understanding how visitors use a website. Our goal is to make the most of your investment.

Budget and requirements

Any creative digital agency worth their salt will let you know the total cost and ongoing annualised payments upfront. It’s about being transparent, and that builds trust. It’s worth remembering that professional website design doesn’t come cheap. It can be cheap. But if your goal is to have a futureproofed website that challenges other websites in Shrewsbury or beyond, the investment is worth it.



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