While it’s possible to build a simple website in just a few hours, a professionally designed website takes much longer. It all depends on the size of your website of course. Factor 2-3 weeks for research/ideation, then another 4-6 weeks for design, development can take 2-4 weeks and then a further 2 weeks for adjustments. Ideally, you’ll have already started to write the content otherwise the time to completion can take even longer.

The first stage of web design is the most important. Getting the research and ideation down correctly will save going back and fixing things you wish you’d thought about before. What we’re talking about here is what the website does and how you want users to flow across it, visual ID & SEO optimised content. From there, it’s all about putting those ideas into a wireframe design.

Wireframes are a great way of expressing design without lots of coding. Because the design is dialed in at the start, the development should flow like a fine wine. After that, it’s about the fineness.

So if you’re looking to build a website fast, it’s possible to condense these processes. But failure to stick to the guides will only lead to heartache later on.



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