Digital marketing strategies often become outdated before they’re complete. Even worse, they cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. A good strategic marketing plan is clear, concise, actionable, measurable, and can easily be updated.

A strategic marketing plan needs clarity. Everyone should be able to follow it. It means your goals will be met efficiently, which means less cost. Keep things concise. Make your strategy digestible; make it the beating heart of your business.

If there are lots of hurdles, your digital marketing strategy will slow down in pace. You may find it gets abandoned altogether.

A digital marketing strategy needs to be easy to manage. Accountability comes through setting and measuring goals. Make sure your goals are realistic, because you can always change them later.

Your strategic marketing plan needs to be easy to update. We’re blessed by a plethora of analytics and customer feedback available online at every stage of the customer journey. This should feed back into your strategy.



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