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Rich answers, according to SEMrush, equate to 70% of all answers returned from voice searches. And 60% of those include a Featured Snippet. So you should be thinking about what content comes up at the top of Google 1-5 for a certain phrase. That’s usually the source of the rich answers, which come in the following flavours:

Knowledge Graph – Graphs depicting facts about people, places, and things.

Knowledge Panel – The small box at the right of the search results when Google search a business.

Knowledge Box – Like a Knowledge Panel but pulls factual information from the Knowledge Graph. It looks like regular search results.

Featured Snippet – This content comes from sites like this one, and not from Google. It’s organic content that’s displayed above the ads.

Rich Answer – Whenever a search result contains any of the above features, it is called a rich answer.

Voice search is more conversational. That means if you have an old site that’s currently ranking well, you might be worth revisiting the content before you start to slip down the ranking. Your mission is to include questions and answers to make it easier for voice search bots to find your content.

Keep in mind Google likes short answers. It’s suggested to keep your answers down to 29 words in length and not more than 41 words.

One good way to include a number of short questions on your page is to use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Another one is to break your content down into pointers.

Don’t forget: Keep it keyword focused.

People rarely use formal language to perform a voice search query. It’s important to structure your content in plain English.

What is plain English?

Plain English is a style of writing. It removes jargon and makes it easier to understand. Sentences are short, clear and uses everyday words.

So the less robotic your content sounds, the better it is.

Here are some areas to consider when writing for voice search:

What keywords are being used?

What is the style of speaking?

How many people are asking the same question?

How best to structure the answer?

What answers perform well in the voice search results?

Long-tail keywords are not only less competitive. They have a lot of value when it comes to voice search, especially since we’re asking our device in a conversational style.

It’s no secret that Google is tailoring towards mobile these days.

Yet many people still run websites that are content heavy and load slow.

Google wants to perform a search quickly and efficiently. So if your site is loading slow, they’re likely to pass on giving you priority on their voice search results. Here’s how you can improve your chances:

  • Use compressed images and videos on your site.
  • Use “async” and “defer” to reduce JavaScript parsing.
  • Use CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks, they load mobile web pages quickly.
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript and lessen HTTP requests.
  • Reduce redirects and the number of plugins you use.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

“Near me” searches are something we all do, voice searching or via the keyboard. What determines if we’ll rank for these searches is Google My Business.

What Google My Business does is just like the yellow pages of old, it holds business information and calls it up. One of the key factors is what business category you’re under and the local area codes of your business.

It might be another job to do, but keep adding posts, deals and business updates. Essentially, Google wants its tools to be in constant use.

Also embed structured data using for better search engine performance.


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