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Viessmann are known for their super high efficiency and long life expectancy. They’re the number one commercial boiler manufacturer in Europe and Germany’s best selling domestic boiler maker.

In the UK, mid-range priced product are favoured over premium brands, often due to the guidance of the heating engineer. Viessmann came to StoryThreads for support in reaching potential new customers who may have not considered their brand in the past.



Project summary

Viessmann is considered a premium brand, known for their super high efficiency boilers and long life expectancy. They’ve struggled in the UK domestic heating market in the past because engineers rarely offer premium brands to their customer. For Viessmann to gain market share they need the end customer to be aware of their business and to request a quote when their heating engineer is pricing up.

Web development can really take its toll on a business, especially for established multinationals like Viessmann. That’s because there’s always demand for the marketing team from many different departments. When resources are strained it’s a wise move to contract an external agency to pick up specialist areas such as content marketing, SEO and CRO because they’re time consuming.

So while Viessmann UK were focusing on the product side of their new website StoryThreads were contracted to write SEO optimised content that would draw new domestic boiler customers to their site.

StoryThreads Digital Marketing Agency Case Study - Viessmann

“Fast turnaround, high quality search engine optimised content that converts”

Marketing Manager, Viessmann

What we did

Researching relevant keywords and creating high value information that reinforces Viessmann’s brand positioning while driving organic traffic to their website.

Before the new design, Viessmann UK’s online presence was a microsite embedded within the corporate website. This gave them very little national identity in the search engines as their head office is based in Germany, so they were essentially starting from scratch with their new website.

Keyword analysis based on their product offer, their field of expertise and what their competitors were doing gave valuable insight into how to proceed.

StoryThreads then carefully crafted ten articles, each with a different perspective. Some were ‘how to’ guides and others designed to aid troubleshooting. We researched the articles thoroughly, talking with experts and end users to ensure the content was unique. Content was then tailored for maximum SEO benefit, such as snippet optimisation.

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StoryThreads content marketing campaign has made significant steps forward in developing brand visibility for Viessmann UK.

From just ten articles StoryThreads were able to increase the traffic to the Viessmann UK website by nearly 50,000 visitors per year with many of the highest ranking keywords sitting at the number one spot on Google. Those that failed to reach the top position still sat above the fold making the pages immediately visible to anyone using a desktop computer.

The greatest achievement of the campaign was the placement of two featured snippets. A featured snippet often forms an answer to commonly asked questions and sit right at the top of a Google search page increasing the likelihood of a click through. You can see a featured snippet for this campaign below.

Google snippet for Viessmann, content and SEO by StoryThreads

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