Viessmann is a household name for boiler manufacturing in Europe, but their market share in the UK is disproportionately low. Viessmann came to StoryThreads to develop a range of self-help guides around the topic of home heating and to create an SEO battleplan to take command of key search terms.


Domestic Heating



Content  |  SEO


Content that is optimised for search engines needs to have meaning. Paraphrasing what someone else wrote is both a red flag to Google and it’s easy for the reader to see through the writers lack of expert knowledge. We take a different approach.

Following on from our initial keyword research we develop our content by talking with experts, such as the technical team at Viessmann. We also spoke with those who install their equipment, such as plumbers and heating installation companies. The results speak for themselves.

To date, the StoryThreads search engine optimisation program has increased traffic to the Viessmann website by 13,000 visitors per annum based on ten articles.

“Instead of churning out the same old copy. We write fresh content alongside experts so that when your audience find your site, they’ll see you’re worthy of their trust.”

– Jamie Smith, MD at StoryThreads


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