PPC came about very quickly in the early days of the internet but has been dwarfed by the rise of content and social media. Yet, PPC  is a highly cost-effective advertising tool. It’s used to reach your target audience on websites and search engines. You’ll only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Not only can you choose how much you want to spend, but insight is available. That means you make adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your ad. On some platforms such as Google Ads (AKA Google Adwords), keyword tools can help identify missed opportunities. This is where a PPC agency comes in. We can help you achieve a higher conversion rate at a lower cost.

Unlike traditional adverts in newspapers or magazines, PPC makes it possible to run multiple instances (A/B testing) of a campaign at the same time. This means you can see what design and content work best to make a click happen. Tracking cookies are used to show how your advert performs once the user is on your website.



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