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Our Shrewsbury-based Website Design & Development team make sites designed to sell. We’re straight up about timescales and pricing; there’s no hidden surprises.

Want to discuss a project? Call us on 0330 133 4313 or send us a message.



Below you’ll find some examples of how our web design services have helped our clients. We’re passionate about helping small businesses grow online and to support larger businesses continue to excel at what they do best. And we’ll go above and beyond to make that happen.



Website Design, SEO and Content for Shrewsbury-based financial advisers, LG Embrey.



End-to-end website design, content production and SEO optimisation for Shrewsbury-based restaurant start-up Thai-D Food Bar.



Website design and development for one of Shropshire’s most loved attractions, resulting in exponential growth on digital.

“A unique approach to marketing with a first-rate knowledge of SEO. Tailored service to your needs, no ‘one size fits all’ solutions here.”

– David Gregg, Albert’s Shed



Premium quality website design, with a specialty in interactive and engaging websites. Our websites are WordPress CMS & SEO optimised.

As a leading web design agency, we tailor web designs unique to your needs. Some people prefer drag and drop web pages, others prefer their sites hardcoded.

All of our websites are designed in Adobe XD before being coded by our experienced user experience design specialists. That means you’ll be involved in the design and development process at every step.

If you prefer us to just roll with it, no problem, we’ll go through your web design requirements and then get to it.

  • Our websites are developed with a CMS (content management system) for whatever your needs.
  • Every website our Shrewsbury web design team creates work perfectly on mobile devices using responsive design coding
  • SEO optimised websites include all the latest SEO techniques for search engine indexing & ranking
  • Unique web design helps you stand out from the competition. Bespoke web design to your needs
  • Our interactive elements are developed using jQuery, Canvas, and WebGL to deliver an engaging user experience
  • Customer journey and UX is at the heart of our web designs. We optimise navigation to guide visitors to find the information they want, fast
  • We have internal graphic designers and work with freelance graphic artists too, so we can cover all business types

As well as designing bespoke websites, we also offer a website hosting package meaning that we’ll take care of all the complicated techy stuff involved with web hosting. So you can focus on what you do best.

We only use the most efficient website services. Achieving rocket-powered Time To First Byte and speeding up your site globally via Cloudflare DNS. Not only does Cloudflare keep your website always online, but it’s also secure and speeds up your website via caching.

  • Regular backups (as you require them)
  • Free website migration
  • Scalability (as you’re growing we can upscale servers without impacting your business)
  • Daily server scans
  • Managed firewall to prevent hackers and spam
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 support

Our eCommerce systems are a core part of our website services. We make each of our eCommerce websites bespoke to your business. We develop our sites to fit your business, be that dropshipping, virtual products or international sales. Our expert design team have worked in online retail, so they understand how complex processes can be. Our specialism is making e-commerce sites that are scalable, easy to update, make product management a doddle, integrate with various payment systems and are secure.

  • We build sites using scalable eCommerce systems such as WooCommerce
  • Secure checkout functions using SSL payment across a range of online payment systems, such as credit/debit cards, Apple/Android pay or subscriptions
  • Easy management of your website, products and blog
  • Integrated web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Beyond just a standard website, we offer a specialist app building service. Our full stack developers are have a deep understanding of front end development. Our friendly apps use the latest UX design standards to create interactive designs, that keep users coming back, time and time again.

Every so often a website needs to be upgraded due to changes in website building standards or because software becomes obsolete. As part of our website design package, we can take care of all this for you.

We don’t believe a good website is good unless it’s ranking for your key search terms, SEO is a priory for every website we design. As a full-service agency with a specialism in Search Engine Optimisation, we can support your digital marketing campaigns. This means we can help hone your website as part of your SEO strategy, cutting out the time it takes to put your plans into action.

  • Sites designed with technical SEO in mind, why pay twice
  • We build your SEO plan around your unique requirements
  • Considered link building both internally and externally, for first page results
  • Monthly reporting on progress, rankings, conversions & tangible ROI via SEMRUSH.

High quality content that converts is worth its weight in gold. The best content comes from a place of truth, that’s why when we create content we work directly with experts in their field. We also build our sites so they are easily shareable on Social Media.

Conversion Optimisation or CRO is about understanding how your audience interacts with your website and improve the design to convert more visitors to either a) make contact or b) make a sale.


To discuss your project simply give us a call (zero sales talk involved):
0330 133 4313



We make every website to suit the needs of our clients, each one is different. And while that might mean a different design and layout, some things come as standard, that’s what stands us out from the rest.


All our websites are designed in Adobe XD before being coded by our Shrewsbury-based web dev team. That means your site will be made to give your visitors the best experience possible.


Enhance the performance of your website using the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.


SEO is in our blood. Our team will ensure your site is optimised for the right keywords – positioning you in the best place for obtaining new leads or making more sales.


Building on your website shouldn’t be difficult to do. That’s why we make sure all our clients understand and can use their new website so they get the most from it.


What our clients love best is our hands on approach and excellent customer service to boot. We’re a dedicated bunch and that’s reflected in our five-star reviews on Google for website design.


We only use high quality, fast servers that offer daily backups and have a number of different measures in place to protect your website from hackers. Plus we maintain all our websites.

“A unique approach to marketing with a first-rate knowledge of SEO. Tailored service to your needs, no ‘one size fits all’ solutions here.”

– David Gregg, Albert’s Shed



Great website design is a cyclical process. We take care at every step to ensure that your website is on brand and designed to invoke action. You can find out more about the process below.


Getting to know about you, your business, what you want from your new website and timescales.


Putting together designs and reviewing before we move forward to the web development stage.


Taking design ideas and making them into a fully functioning website, ready for evaluation.


Meeting your expectations. If revisions are required, we’ll make those changes; if not, it’s time to go live.


To discuss your project you can fill in the request form below. If you’d prefer to have a chat about your project simply give us a call:
0330 133 4313


How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?2021-11-19T14:54:47+00:00

While it’s possible to build a simple website in just a few hours, a professionally designed website takes much longer. It all depends on the size of your website of course. Factor 2-3 weeks for research/ideation, then another 4-6 weeks for design, development can take 2-4 weeks and then a further 2 weeks for adjustments. Ideally, you’ll have already started to write the content otherwise the time to completion can take even longer.

The first stage of web design is the most important. Getting the research and ideation down correctly will save going back and fixing things you wish you’d thought about before. What we’re talking about here is what the website does and how you want users to flow across it, visual ID & SEO optimised content. From there, it’s all about putting those ideas into a wireframe design.

Wireframes are a great way of expressing design without lots of coding. Because the design is dialed in at the start, the development should flow like a fine wine. After that, it’s about the fineness.

So if you’re looking to build a website fast, it’s possible to condense these processes. But failure to stick to the guides will only lead to heartache later on.

How Much Does Website Design Cost?2021-11-19T14:56:12+00:00

If you look to build a website yourself on a CMS like WordPress, you’d be looking at a starting cost of around £300-500. To add to your website cost you have hosting, that’s another £120, to begin with.

To hire a developer a website price would start at £1,500 for a site with around 8 pages.

You may be asking why does website creation cost so much more? A professional designer brings with them experience.

An experienced website designer will consider site speed and accessibility. Then there’s great navigation, UX and making the whole thing have an endpoint i.e. converting visitors into customers.

Let’s not forget Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A well-optimised site drives traffic. A poorly thought out SEO strategy means you’ll be fighting an uphill battle from the start. So when you think about it, the cost of getting a website designed is pretty good value.

So how much is a website in the UK?

We think a fair starting price is £1,500 with hosting on top. That goes up to £2,500 for a slightly larger website of 16 pages. For something much bigger, we think around £4,000 is about right.

For a fully developed corporate website, the sky is the limit. It all just depends on what you want to do and how unique you want your new website to be.

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